Champ1india - today 5pm was the flash sale bt site non open

sir champ1india.com website fake h
flash sale ka jb time hua to link dead ho gya sare user k liye fir jb open hua to likha tha sold out
jb website open he nhi hui to sold out kaise
i show you many user comment kisi se v nhi khula
its fake and my 51rs lost pls help me sir
and now that website show only image no other thing

Farhan Alam User Verified
Nov 21,2016 05:55 pm - Electronic... & Mobile Han...
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Abhishek Jha Nov 21,2016

Ya i agree and there were thousands of comments within an hour regarding the fake flash sale .First of all the official website showed bandwidth exceeded and when it opened it showed sold out! thanks for your grand support. So i was not even able to participate in the flash sale.

nivruti redekar Nov 21,2016

Fake company he eske uper case karenge bhai

Farhan Alam Nov 21,2016

Ha jrur krenge bt phle vote kro yaha 100% k baad he koi action liya jayega

Abhishek Jha Nov 21,2016

ya need to case a file against this company

Sanjay Kumar Nov 21,2016

please say to Champash company to transfer my Rs. 51 to my SBI Bank account.

Farhan Alam Nov 21,2016

their contact number also dead
pls help me

radhey shyam Nov 22,2016

please vote on this complaint also : http://www.fileacomplaint.in/champonec1-com-champone-c1-flash-sale-fraud-c1910

Nov 25,2016

Mr. Radhey Shayam I would advise you to get your facts right before posting such defaming comments about a company. The time on the proofs, i.e. the screen shots that you have attached is 1:23 pm in the picture that shows connection time out. Let me clarify that the time for the flash sale was 5;00pm

Farhan Alam Nov 28,2016

hello aap apna proof dikhaiye mr champ
u r tottaly fraud
no any person success to purches bcz ur site not open
when it open then show only 1image that sold out
and i check thousant of cmnt no any person can purches bcoz u are fraud

Farhan Alam Nov 29,2016

ya i want proof bcoz we knw that no any person able to buy that phone

radhey shyam Nov 29,2016

@Champ1 : This is very shameful to you guys. After doing all this fraud you guys replying that i have attached those snapshot was wrong. Yes i have taken this snapshot another day because unfortunately i have forget to take snapshot that day and it was opened in my browser, that i forget to close. If your sell was not a fraud then I need the list of all person with their contact number who have successfully participated and eligible to get your so called smart phone.

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