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I have ordered vu 40 inch led TV.on 17th October they given two days time,but till now iam not received the product.if cal customer care,they simply told "we wil resolves ur problem with three days".we r third party we dont have information on product like they said.but no one responded.flipkart guys told problem is from ekart logistics not ours.i spoke with that guys,they said problem with flipkart.what should I do 12 days gone.p lz help me to put a case on flipkart for cheating me like this.i dont want to leave that stupid guys,bcz every days sending mails to me and harassing me a lot.i want to prove their cheating plz help me for this.i have voice recording calls.to prove them clearly.if I sent mail they simply resent these type mails like we wil resolve ur problem asap,we r working on that,sorry for delay,extreemly sorry.but no one takes responsibility and not given any clarity.i wil definitely fight them plz helping me in this issue.i f I cal customer care they postpone to another 3 days to resolve.what is use of postpone.

Sathish Kumar User Verified
Oct 28,2016 04:06 am - Electronic...
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Sagar V Oct 28,2016

Hi Sathish., I thought this is a kind of cheating. They are booking order with out having the stock. Simply they book the order and move the empty tracker to in logistics to your place. Better you raise a complaint in police station and go to the ekart logistics search your order by your self. Then only you find the real fraudulent.

Bhaaskar shetty Oct 28,2016

Hi satish,

Bhaaskar shetty Oct 28,2016

The worst service.

Priya Nov 16,2016

kindly provide us your contact details or e- mail id so that our regency can contact you in regards your complaint or you can also contact us on 9041026208/9041089039..

Consumer team

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