GHMC - shifting vegetable market from Baghe-Ea-Jahara, yakutpura hyderabad

Respected sir,

We wrote a number of request for shifting of Wednesday vegetable market from BAGHE-EA-JAHARA, STREET, YAKUTPURA, Hyderabad, but no action has been taken till date. If you the authority did not take action against the unauthorized and without taking any permission how they start in a populated area. We are facing a number of problem. If the people of the colony start quarreling with the vendors you will be responsible for that this is my last request . I think in our country people who come forward and want to do some thing for the welfare of the community did not support by the authorised person. For the purpose only people did not held if any accident happened on the road side.

Thanking you sir, for troubling and wasting my time

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Aug 04,2017 12:26 pm - Government... & Municipal ...
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