Home credit - Mental harassment and Religious hatred

They has worst HR in Rabale (name : Amir and Akshata). On Saturday 10th Dec 2016 I went for interview at Rabale branch and got selected and after waiting for 2 hours I received offer letter and was said to come on Monday 12th Dec 2016. I just went to HR cabin to give my photo and there was HR employee who said your last name is Shukla so how can you speak Marathi and you belong to Uttar Pradesh and said I can speak Marathi. When I went on Monday 12th Dec 2016 they gave form to fill and while taking attendance verbally my name was not called out hence I informed them that my name was not called out. Hence they asked to give the offer letter. After giving the offer letter they ask me wait outside in other cabin. Then Amir said to wait for 2 minutes. After 5 minutes Amir said to leave and do not come back even if anyone contacts you from company. I then called consultancy who referred me for the Job they said this has been done with other people aswell. I said you should raise complain about it. Then I received call from Akshata said why do you left the company when asked to wait. I informed her Amir ask me to leave. And there was an argue that why I was treated badly after getting selected and offered offer letter and she informed I was not selected and also said it was our mistake and apologize. After some time Amir called back saying that not to forward complain as there would no action taken against it and also said I would refer you in other company so you can get job in other company. If you make complain Ill lost my job.

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