In general - Charging 2% extra on Card Swipes Over Total Bill

I am complaining on behalf of many users, who are facing this issue more now. Many Departmental Stores, Pharmacies and Liquor Shops are deliberately charging 2% extra Over and above Total Bill on Card Swipes explicitly. When confronted, they say, they are charged for using the machine and hence they take that amount from us on every swipe. As far as we know, Govt. as has passed not to charge this extra % from April 2016 onwards but none is ready to co-operate. We end up paying extra for no means. Please help us to know, how do we tackle this situation as this has become worse after Demonetization. We are in support of Demonetization but not ready to pay extra 2% on card Swipes.

Arunodaya Das User Verified
Nov 28,2016 12:12 pm - Products a... & Department...
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