INDIAGO - NOT allowed to board with a valid ticket

Dear Sir/Madam,I would like to bring to your kind notice that, we have booked the above AIR tickets of INDIGO airliner , PNR no- DYK4NW, PNR no- NE1P4N, from DElhi to DEhradun and DEhradun to Delhi to travel onward on 9th of December 2016 by flight 6E - 966 and return journey on 10th December by flight 6E - 679. we journeyed to Dehradun on 9th accordingly, BUT while returning back to Delhi on 10th, we had REACHED the airport by 11:55am and the flight timing was 12:40pm. we stood in the queue for check in. The Indigo Official Mr. ABHISHEK there denied issuing the Boarding pass saying that we were late inspite of our PERSISTENT APPEAL saying that Iam a CKD PATIENT undergoing DIALYSIS which i had to undergo the same day at Delhi as soon as i reach. I have even PRODUCED MY MEDICAL REPORTS to that effect. He has NOT allowed us the Boarding passes even then. I had to miss my flight for NO FAULT of MINE even though we reached the airport 45 mins IN ADVANCE. For your kind information, even the other passengers were still waiting in the queue for boarding the plane. The flight had left at 12:55pm. Till the last moment I PLEADED HIM to issue the boarding pass. With this IMPAIRED HEALTH CONDITION, I HAD TO travel to Delhi BY BUS at the COST of MY LIFE RISK due to the NEGLIGENT and INHUMAN BEHAVIOUR of Mr. Abhishek and His Collegue. In this unfortunate episode, I had been not only put to FIANCIAL LOSS but also it also AFFECTED MY ILL- HEALTH further. Hence I request you to LOOK INTO THIS MATTER and Counsel the Concerned not to repeat this BAD CONDUCT AND BEHAVIOUR against any passenger and also REDRESS MY GRIEVANCE BEFITTINGLY.

With Regards,

V VIJAYA SAI User Verified
Dec 15,2016 08:23 pm - Airlines
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