King Worldwide Courier - parcel not delivered by courier service and they have no answer for this recklessness

I have sent a parcel to Chhattisgarh from.pune on 5th Sept.as I was told it would be delivered in 3-4days before 9th Sept.its not been delivered (today is 12th)they are not responding well.they have got no clue on dis.they say we couldnt track it.they dont know status of shipment where my parcel has reached by now..behaviour is so unprofessional..how could a courier service mishandle our parcel dis way..atleast they should be able to track my courier n should be answerable..this kind of answer dat they are not able to track my parcel is not acceptable..i need an answer as soon..courier n postal services are meant for our convenience not for troubling us this way.

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Sep 12,2017 03:26 pm - Government... & Postal and...
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soniya Sep 12,2017

One should never opt king world wide courier service..they are troublesome.unprofessional and irresponsible

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